The Cingulum Bundle


The cingulum is described from various brain images as a C shaped structure within the brain that wraps around the frontal lobe to the temporal lobe right above the corpus callosum. There are two primary parts of the cingulate cortex: the posterior cingulate cortex and the anterior cingulate cortex. The anterior is linked to emotion, especially apathy and depression. The posterior section is more related to cognitive functions. This can include attention, visual and spatial skills, working memory and general memory.

Here, You can see your Cingulum Bundle 3D projected inside your brain, open this website in your VR headset to visualize in Virtual Reality


In recent years the cingulum has been associated with various brain disorders and diseases. One such area of interest is the disruption of white matter in the posterior cingulum causing mild cognitive impairment.

Also variations in microstructure of a group of fibers in the rostral cingulum have been shown to be extremely sensitive to performance of cognitive control tasks. Cingulum represents one of the earliest changes in development of age-related dementia.


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